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Dr. Weiss was awarded Save a Life Award on March 16, 2019

On April 23, 2019, Dr. Weiss was walking with his wife Jane when he noticed a crowd and three Yachtsmen shouting for help. Upon running toward the Yachtsmen, he noticed they were holding onto the hands of an unconscious man, hovering perilously close to the surface of the Miami Bay. Suddenly, the man slipped through the Yachtsmen’s hands, sinking into the bay. Without hesitation, Dr. Weiss dove into the bay and after several attempts to retrieve the man from the bottom of the bay, he was successful in bringing him back on land, for resuscitation and transport by EMS. When asked by Fire-Rescue why do you do it?” Dr. Weiss replied, “I couldn’t just watch him drown.” The crowd dispersed.

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